The Ripple Rug - Cat Toy
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The Ripple Rug - Cat Toy

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The Ripple Rug is a pet enrichment toy that helps keep your furry friends happy and healthy. It is designed to meet a range of natural pet behaviors while helping save your furniture. Make a new play-space, a bed, a scratching spot, or even a safe place for your fur baby to hide. Interactive play has never been so much fun!
Cats love the texture of the Ripple Rug’s special needle-punch carpet design, making your sofa a less-desirable scratching post. Your fur baby can spend excess energy playing in the rug and not climbing up your curtains. When tired, your little one happily naps on or inside the Ripple Rug, saving you time vacuuming fur-covered couches.
The bottom rug has an anti-slip rubber coating that helps insulate from cold floors. The top fur contains 14 holes of varying sizes and multiple touch-point fasteners made from USA Velcro. Change up the shape every few days to keep kitty engaged!

- Helps satisfy primal instincts such as scratching, stalking, pouncing, hiding, and nesting
- Provides a safe environment to socialize and play with others
- Built to last, strong yet cozy
- Carpet fibers are perfect for digging claws and collecting fur
- Easy to clean
- Each Ripple Rug is made using 24 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
- Made in the USA

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