Litter-Lifter - Travel
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Litter-Lifter - Travel

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The Litter-Lifter has parallel triangular tines that cannot pick up clean litter. The other traditional scoops clog as they fill with clean litter which needs to be shaken out to separate the waste from the clean litter. Litter-Lifter scoops were created with no flat surfaces to facilitate the separation of waste from clean litter without accumulating kitty litter in the scoop. Its lifting action eliminates shaking and reduces dust clouds. Its strong leading edge allows easy scraping. The Litter-Lifter is stylish, ergonomic, resilient, and easy to clean. Our users praise its sturdiness, ease of use, speed, work reduction, and cleaning ability. The Litter-Lifter is an exceptional advance in maintaining a cleaner, hygienic environment, especially using clumping litter.
Litter-Lifter comes in a variety of colors.

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